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The Narcissus Design Team

Hello, it’s really lovely to meet you! Let me offer you a virtual hot chocolate or perhaps a coffee?

upon request, I freelance with universities and other organisations, to design, develop and/or evaluate: eLearning instructional design projects:

  • induction modules
  • non- accredited/accredited training modules
  • courseware &
  • conceptual storyboard designs.

My design priorities are: engaging aesthetics, highly interactive multimedia that address different learning styles, and pedagogical design for ‘real-world’ scenarios and meaningful learning accompanying digital narratives.

on a more personal level, I am working on concepts for mixed-media art projects, historical 3D narratives, and creative & academic writing, for the end purpose of funding and/or creation.

my trusty team otherwise known as husband Angus and son Siddhartha assist when required, bringing their personal skills of Architect and Wuffiness, respectively.

Contact me to request a copy of my CV, references, or samples of work. I prefer email communication yasmine@narcissusdesign.com.au, however do buzz me on my mobile 0419 398 114 if you require a more urgent reply.

Au Revoir, for now!

Yasmine L. Wallace (nee Howard), PhD
p.s. this website is in redevelopment … visit again soon!